EOP series

High power electro-hydraulic servo actuator

An actuator that receives instrumentation signals of 4 to 20mA and then identifies the necessary mechanical movement such as rotation and direct advance of the operating axis that is proportional to that of the signal. Hydraulic oil generated in the hydraulic pump is injected from a jet pipe (hydraulic jet pipe relay mechanism). The force coil receiving the instrumentation signal swings the jet pipe in feeding the hydraulic oil into the cylinder and then the cylinder moves back and forth. It also rotates and makes the operating axis connected to it straight.
The movement of the operating axis is fed back to the jet pipe with a mechanical restoration mechanism.
We also have the SOP series available that is of high density and has good response through the creation of servo systems with electrical feedback instead of a mechanical restoration mechanism.


< High-power hydraulic pressure ensures trouble-free operation.>
Each unit that makes up the controller is rigid and supports high-power operation. Hydraulic jet pipe is stain-resistant against hydraulic oil and of excellent durability compared to other servo valve type products.

< Simple installation.>
Mechanical work merely involves linking the operation axis of the device to the operating end such as a butterfly valve.
Electric work merely involves the wiring between motor power supply and input signal.

< Various models available.>
The appropriate model can be selected from the various models available depending on the required functionality.

< Various additional other devices can also be added.>
Functions such as manual, emergency, and remote operations can be added. Pressure switch, limit switch for signals and opening degree output device can also be added.