Electro-hydraulic actuator [HOP series]


Energy-efficient high-power electro-hydraulic servo actuator

A hydraulic actuator that receives an instrumentation signal of 4 to 20mA and then rotates the operating axis into the corresponding position. E/E positioner, hydraulic channel switching valve, hydraulic pump, and cylinder, etc. are all packaged in a compact form. It receives external instrumentation signals with a positioner in recognizing any deviation from the current position. The actuator switches the hydraulic channel in the direction that then counteracts that deviation and then rotates the operating axis into a position corresponding to the signal. Revolution speed of the operating axis features unique fractional deviation speed operation, thus realizing stable positioning without overshooting.


< High-power hydraulic pressure ensures trouble-free operation.>

Each unit that makes up the controller is rigid and supports high-power operation. The mechanism part is simple and has less adjustable parts, which realizes easier maintenance than other servo valves.

< Simple installation.>

Mechanical work merely involves linking the operation axis of the device to the operating end such as a butterfly valve. Electric work merely involves the wiring between motor power supply and input signal.

< Various models are available to ensure that the necessary torque can be selected. >

< Highly-efficient mechanism saves on energy and results in relatively low deterioration of the hydraulic oil. >

When the actuator is stopped the pump remains unloaded. Any increase in temperature of the oil is therefore relatively low, thus helping to suppress any deterioration. Maintenance intervals are therefore also longer in between.

< Simple switching of operating direction >

The direction can be easily changed with the switch on the positioner and just as well with reversing the opening signal.

< Various additional other devices can also be added.>

Manual operating equipment and hydraulic source failure detector can be added, which can be remote-controlled with the external switch. Limit switch for the signals and opening degree output signal are included as standard equipment.