High performance and very precise! High Speed! Energy-efficient with Small Footprint!

This equipment inspects the filled level of beer and soft drinks, including coffee and tea, bottled in plastic bottles, aluminum cans and steels can in an expeditious and highly accurate manner.

The inspector supports installation in narrow spaces because of its slim body.

The introduced scintillation counting method allows inspections to be accurately performed without any influence from the shape of the container or droplets. Furthermore, the method of inspection is safe because only small amounts of X-rays are outputted and it is easy to install and adjust.

The electric consumption of this type of inspector is 1/3 of the image processing method.Package delivery including removal unit available.


[High speed inspections] Max. 2,000 containers/min.
[Highly accurate inspections] +-1mm (when feeding) * Subject to change depending on environment.

[Electricity consumption] Only consumes 0.5 KVA of electricity, 1/3 of that of products of the same type.
[Weight] The weight has been reduced by 20% when compared with other products of the same type.
< X-ray leakage of 1 muSv (micro sievert) or less. >
Only 1 muSv (micro sievert) or less of X-rays is leaked, far below the legal limit, and accordingly requiring no qualified person to be in charge of the X-ray or controlled area.
Please note, however, that an installation report must be submitted to the labor standards inspection office of your area.