Very suitable for controlling the differential pressure between clean rooms.

Recently the importance and benefit of differential pressure between rooms (fine differential pressure in particular) have been recognized, resulting in an increasing number of diverse applications. It is now being used with equipment that needs to be highly accurate in a variety of areas from the pharmaceutical industry to infectious disease laboratories, hospitals and clean rooms, as well as in preventing odors at garbage disposal facilities. In line with that increase in applicability the handling and methods of installation of a room pressure controller (PEC-X) are growing increasingly diverse, leading to the following responses:

Some users wish to install a separate motor (EEP series) to open/close an air conditioning damper and a PEC-X, while others wish to install them as an integrated unit. We can easily satisfy both requests.

A communication module for a PEC-X is used when the user prefers to monitor the room pressure control and provide the necessary instructions by transmitting and receiving signals between the air conditioning system and a central control board. (Please note that the communication module is an option.)

When accurate room differential pressure control is required, even if the door is open or closed, door opening/closing signals can also be used in that control.

The request for the greater speed response of a damper and more torque can be responded to by exchanging the type of motor (EEP series). (Special specifications may be applicable with the requests for greater speed response and more torque.)

Requests for existing equipment to be replace can be responded to as follows:
If an existing system has a CAV on the air supply side nothing else is required apart from installing a PEC-X on exhaust side through merely connecting a power supply and pressure detection tube.

The PEC-X constantly controls the differential pressure between two rooms, and therefore can prevent any influence of mutual interference, even when a single air supply/release system is used to control the room pressure of a number of rooms.

Room differential pressure can be maintained at a constant even when the airflow varies at the start and end of operations in clean rooms.

The standard room differential pressure control is only for use in controlling the air that is release. Please contact us if you require simultaneous control of both the supply and discharge of air.


  • A pressure sensor, controller, communication module and others are incorporated into a single frame.

  • The included micro-computer enables greater accuracy through better control than before. In addition, the control logic can be modified even after operation has already commenced by adding or changing applications.

  • Settings and current values can be easily verified using a digital LED display. In addition, the settings and changing control parameters can be easily accessed using push buttons.

  • The control parameters can be collectively set, and up to 8 patterns saved as data. Remote settings can also take place using a PCL and other devices.

  • 4 to 20mA or RS-485 available for use as options.

  • Installation and adjustments are easy and can be completed within a short period of time because of the advantages discussed above.
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