Compact type Room Pressure Controller integrated with Direct Drive Motor.

Room pressure controller is an equipment to control the differential pressure between clean rooms. PEC-S's feature is simple in structure and function. This product is integrated of controller and motor with same control performance as conventional product PEC-X1.

Small , Light
High in reliability and durability
Easy installation and adjustment
Flexible mounting direction
Robust aluminum die cast design

Usage Example

Pharmaceutical plant
To keep sterile environment and to avoid cross contamination
Cosmetics, food, and beverage factory.
To improve product quality by environmental reform
Waste disposal facility and Care center.
To trap odor inside
Semiconductor and Precision instruments.
To improve product quality and save energy


The motor and the controller are packed into one case.

Installation work becomes easy by adopting damper direct drive motor which is not required conventional linkage.

Adjustment at the installation is simple because of high response and stable controllability.

"Handy Terminal"to set room pressure.
Settings and current values can be easily verified by using a LCD.
After setting completion, it can be removed for reducing installation space.