VOR series

Control valve easily changes the valve volume depending on the operating conditions

Variable port valve used as a rotary type control valve that regulates the flow rate through the valve axis rotating. Use of a movable sleeve combined with the valve axis and the valve design allows the opening area of the port through which the fluid passes to be easily changed. The opening area of the port can also be changed by merely rotating the valve axis. The maximum flow is set by moving the sleeve and the optimum flow by rotating the valve axis.

The performance of the control valve usually determines how well the fluid can be controlled, leading to the following challenges:

(1) The setting pressures before and after a control valve differ from the actual pressure in use.
(2) The Cv values of the control valves correspond to the diameter and can only be selected in a step by step manner. Selecting the optimum Cv value can be rather difficult.
(3) The applicable flow range can be larger than that of the valve.

The variable port valve solves all these problems.