RCV series

Ratio control valve [RCV series]

Valve that maintains the difference between a variable reference pressure and the fluid pressure to be controlled

Ratio control valve to maintain the differential pressure between two fluids at a constant.

The ratio control valve, which doesn't' require a power source, has flow pressure on the reference side and more on the following side that oppose each other and moves the bellows. The valve is designed that the pressure of the following side is higher again by the same value as the setting spring. Any difference between the differential flow pressure of the standard /following sides and the setting pressure results in the bellows expanding or contracting, thus moving the inner valve that is connected to the bellows. The inner valve increases or decreases how open the valve is in changing the flow rate on the following side in then keeping the pressure higher by the same value as the setting pressure.

As noted above, a self-operating valve that is actuated by differential pressure is a unique and novel type of control valve.

Steam and air atomizing burners are used to burn heavy fuel oil in a boiler or other suitable equipment. This valve is effective in maintaining desired combustion conditions by ensuring the pressure of the atomizing steam or air is a little higher than that of heavy oil.