SOP series

Electro-hydraulic servo actuator that realizes high-precision and high-speed response operation

High-end electro-hydraulic actuator equipped with a jet pipe (EOP type).
High accuracy and quick response enabled via a servo system incorporating electrical feedback and a servo amplifier instead of a mechanical restoration device.
Electrical detection of feedback signals allows also configurations using separated cylinder.


High speed response achievable by setting the loop gain at a higher level for the entire servo system.

Each of the units making up the actuator is of a robust structure, with the actuator generating strong power.
Compared to a servo valve based units the actuator with oil jet pipeis basically free of operational failures due to dust or other foreign matter.

Desired type selectable based on the operating power required at the operating end.

Devices for manual operation, emergency operation, remote control and others can be added on.
Pressure switch, limit switch, opening degree remitter and other devices also mountable.