COP series

Hydraulic controller with the pressure transformer and controller functions integrated in a compact simple package.

Hydraulic controller is equipped with a pressure sensitive part that directly receives the necessary control signals and is a stand-alone machine which does not depend on any other devices for operation onsite.

Hydraulic oil pressure generated in a hydraulic pump is discharged through a jet pipe (hydraulic pressure jet pipe relay mechanism). Upon receiving a specific signal the pressure sensitive part shakes the jet pipe through which hydraulic pressure oil is delivered to the cylinder, thus moving the cylinder rod in and out. The operating axis connected to the cylinder rotates and moves in a straight line. Any type of need can be satisfied by combining one of the various different types of actuators with one of the various different types of pressure sensitive parts.


  • Cost of instrumentation can be reduced because the signals required for control are directly input.

  • Each unit that makes up the controller is rigid and supports high-power operation. Hydraulic jet pipe is stain-resistant against hydraulic oil and of excellent durability compared to other servo valve type products.

  • Mechanical work merely involves linking the operating axis of the device to the operating end such as a butterfly valve and wiring in the input pressure.
    Requires no other electrical work than wiring the motor to the power supply.

  • The appropriate model can be selected from the various models available depending on the required functionality. The appropriate pressure-sensitive parts can be selected depending on the input specifications such as pressure and flow rate, thus allowing a variety of combinations.

  • Functions such as manual, emergency, and remote operations can be added. A pressure switch, limit switch for the signal, opening degree remitter and other devices can also be added.


Pressure sensitive part type