SST series

Energy-efficient high-power electro-hydraulic servo actuator

SST series designed mainly for steel manufacturer is the superior model of conventional HOP series which has more than 2000 units of shipping record since its release in year 1992.

SST series rotate its operation axis to corresponding position with the point which was commanded by instrumentation signal, 4 to 20mA from user's operation panel.
E/E positioner, hydraulic channel switching valve, hydraulic pump, and cylinder, etc. are all packaged in a compact body. It receives external instrumentation signals with a positioner in recognizing any deviation from the current position. SST series have been improved to higher speed, higher accuracy and higher torque than HOP series responding to demand from steel manufacturers. Compared with conventional Jet pipe mechanism, SST series with solenoid operated directional control valve can save running cost because of the structure which has less deterioration of operation oil and low maintenance work.


< High-power hydraulic pressure ensures trouble-free operation.>
Torque is 3,854 to 4,541[N•m]at an angle of 60 degrees
Torque is 3,462 to 4,541[N•m]at an angle of 80 degrees
Torque is 3,062 to 4,541[N•m]at an angle of 90 degrees
Each component that makes up the actuator is rigid and supports high-power operation. The mechanical component is simple and has less periodical replacement, which realizes easier maintenance than other servo valves.

< Simple installation.>
Mechanical work merely involves linking between the actuator and the valve or damper.
Electric work merely involves the wiring between motor power supply and input signal.< Highly-efficient mechanism saves on energy consumption and low deterioration of the hydraulic oil.>
While actuator does not work, the pump suspends its operation.
This keeps low oil temperature because oil is not always given a load by pump, which prevents oil deterioration and consequently reduces the number of periodical maintenances< Simple switching of operating direction>
Direction of cylinder can be easily changed with the switch on the positioner< Options>
Line filter with 8µm mesh has a self-cleansing function and makes more clean oil than its incipient condition.
The operation angle is selectable from three kinds 60°/80°/90°.
Manual operating equipment, which can be remote-controlled with the external switch and hydraulic source failure detector can be added. Limit switch for the signals and opening degree output signal are included as standard equipment.